Karilatsi elementary school was founded in 1766. a year after the patent was issued by the Governor-General G.Brown. The school was attended by the children of Karilatsi village and its immediate vicinity who did not have the opportunity to study at home.Karilatsi school was in Juuriku village and the first teacher was Jaan Nikopensius educated at Põlva parish school. The first Karilatsi schoolhouse that is still standing there was built in 1869 and was meant for 55 pupils. But soon there studied more children in the schoolhouse than there were places. A new schoolhouse, built in accordance with quality standards, was completed in 1889.

Up to 1919 Karilatsi municipality school was a three-year school, its headmaster was Otto Torop. In autumn 1919 the school became a four-year school and one more teacher was employed. The situation changed when Estonia became independent and village schools became six-year schools. In 1926 the schoolhouse was completely rebuilt and the elementary school became Karilatsi Higher Elementary School. Karilatsi Vabaõhumuuseumi koolitalu

The next bigger change took place in autumn1944 when the school became Karilatsi Incomplete Secondary School and in a year Karilatsi 7-year School. But the number of pupils started to drop constantly and as a result Karilatsi Elementary School was closed in 1972.



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